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We, Troika Tech are a leading SEO Company in India which offers state-of-the-art SEO and design services to your websites to help you score over your competitors and come as top priority in search results. We as a brand name in the domain of SEO Company in India house a team of highly skilled and certified search engine optimization specialists having ISO standards of work performances in providing you with the best of Google ranking. We provide a wide range of search engine promotion services to generate and drive in high numbers of visitor traffic to one’s website. This is an effective way to ensure that your website attains higher rankings on the search engine results.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important part of digital marketing. This service targets promoting the website, services and products on the Internet organically with the help of the targeted keywords. These keywords are found out with the help of extensive keyword research that the Troika Tech SEO expert conducts. Selection of the most competitive keywords is a tough task, and it requires extensive knowledge and experience.

• Rank higher on Google searches
• Direct relevant traffic to your SEO
• Engage your target audience
• Create leads and turn them into sales
• Grow your business

Which is the Top SEO Company in Bandra?

The main task of search engine optimization is to enhance the visibility of the websites along with the services and products they offer. Usually, search engine optimizer break down this service into two parts, namely On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Both these branches of SEO have their own processes, and they are required to be handled simultaneously. Our digital marketing experts are extremely efficient in both processes, and that guarantees assured benefits to all our clients in Bandra Kurla Complex.


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Troika The Best Small Business SEO

We provide a wide range of SEO services according to your requirements. Every Business has different objectives, structures and unique target audience requirements. We analyse your business requirements based on the customer-centric approach and then we formulate the SEO strategies that best suits you. As there is no one- size-fit- all plan for SEO project, our every SEO strategy is different according location, target customer and other variety of factors. We tailor these strategies on the specific needs and the business goals. Our professionals have the core knowledge of the strategies and keep themselves very much updated according to latest technology up gradations so that they deliver only best results which will ultimately increase your ROI and Conversions


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a key role in establishing businesses online. A company can only taste the success when it is recognized by the consumers. Similarly, as a part of digital marketing, SEO optimization is integrated to advertise our client’s business in the World Wide Web and help companies to connect with its consumers crossing all barriers. The SEO experts working at Troika Tech design a marketing strategy by understanding the client business and their marketing objectives. As a recognized SEO company in Bangalore, we know each business and their marketing goals are different, hence we offer customized SEO services that help our esteemed clients to choose the right SEO package that meet their needs.


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Which is the Best SEO Services Company in Bandra?

“SEO” is the online visibility gained through rankings – from implementing a strong, targeted strategy and using proven methods to drive people to your website. Our SEO solutions include the best foundational best practices that have been proven over our past 20+ year history. Your SEO company should be knowledgeable in regards to Google and their constant updates and changes. Your SEO company or in house team should also be an expert’s within all different aspects of internet marketing: SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Social Media Optimization, Mobile Optimization, Site Speed Optimization and advanced seo services in Bandra Kurla Complex.

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• We thrive on driving success for your brand
• We are experts of research and
• strategy development
• We are at the forefront of creative
• and technical excellence
• We are constantly growing with
• the digital landscape


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Our SEO Services

SEO marketing strategies & services must compliment your budget & business goals. We work with you on website optimization services that deliver guaranteed SEO results, and a cohesive user experience. Finding the right balance of content, keyword research, site organization, backend structure and off-site search engine marketing is key to developing and implementing a successfully Optimized SEO marketing strategy. Having the right SEO Company in your corner is paramount to the success of your website with SEO services. Troika is a globally recognized SEO Company, being awarded the SEO Agency of the Year Finalist for 2016 and Top SEO Agency in Mumbai in 2017.

At Troika, we use our time-tested and thorough local SEO services to improve your small and medium sized business. For local businesses or websites competing in a localized industry, or niche market – Troika can devise a localized SEO optimization strategy to improve your local business rankings. If you need a tune-up on your current SEO optimization strategy, or if you need a national SEO campaign, we can reach your goals. We will carefully research every channel of your business and implement the best SEO optimization strategy for each outlet. Using the SEO services from Troika., gives our clients air-tight search engine optimization marketing services that continue to perform year after year.

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SEO Services Company in Bandra

Troika will create all the code, keyword assignments, LSI and all elements of the SEO campaign for your in house team to implement. Troika will test and review everything added by additional testing and auditing of the site to ensure all elements we added correctly.  You must notify Troika or have a production schedule in place so that Troika can test and review when new versions of the site are launched for accuracy and correct placement of SEO for maximum results.

SEO Company in Bandra

In the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization there are “broad keywords” that attract browsers and “money keywords” that attract buyers. Discover how to choose the right ones.

Troika is the SEO Agency of the Year finalist voted by Search Engine Land and a Internet Marketing company located in Mumbai  India. Troika has more than 20 years of SEO / PPC specific experience in the digital marketing field. We believe in developing digital marketing campaigns that are built on a foundation of Troika’s proven methodology that get our clients results. Our seo services fills in every piece of the ever changing and complex SEO puzzle, get SEO Optimization that gains marketing traction quickly and establishes your brand in your industry. Our SEO company can get your campaign off the ground, with a long-term proven custom SEO strategy.


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SEO Strategy – Search Engine Optimisation

Troika develops & provides SEO consultant services using our advanced Search Engine Optimization and PPC techniques. If you have your own web development team, either in-house or outsourced, we can still work with you. Troika.’s SEO consulting services can be tailored to any business of any size. As your SEO consultant, we will guide you through best practices, advice and tips for the best search marketing strategy for your site, and equip you & your team with the tools you’ll need to outrank the competition.

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KEYWORD RESEARCH After understanding your business, we have a better idea of what kind of keywords we need to target. Then we use various SEO tools to identify keywords ranging from highly-contested ones to under-used words that might provide a lot of opportunity if targeted. We generate a list and track all of the words and their variations so we can properly track the effectiveness of our work and make adjustments as necessary. We don't have SEO services packages that charge per keyword. We'll track as many keywords as necessary to properly maximize your targets. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Troika is the highest form of flattery, right? We take a look at all of your strongest competitors and make sure to incorporate anything they are doing that is highly successful for them. Whether they are targeting certain keywords (or missing others we can take advantage of), using online ads, or listed in relevant directories, we'll make sure that whatever works best for them, we eliminate their competitive advantage. We'll also utilize this research to find opportunities that are not highly-contested and hone in on those targets. CONTENT GENERATION You'll hear often that great SEO has its roots in targeted content. This is very much true. Good content gets people interested; great content gets talked about (and shared). The core of SEO lies in content and interaction. It used to be just a matter of enough words on a page, and hitting the right keywords, but this isn't the case anymore with various search engine algorithm updates. Your content needs to make sense, be relevant to the targeted subject, and compel interaction. We focus on this with our writing: a useful article that people will share is a hundred times more valuable than a formulaic (often poorly-written) post that is written only to meet a word requirement. We're also quite proficient at finding new angles to your products and services that you may have not even thought about. MARKETING SERVICES After we've identified your opportunities and written your content, we'll help market it via social media. We'll post it in relevant social media sites and forums, and try to generate discussion. Through sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and more, we'll try to target your content where people will find it most useful. We'll make sure it's properly promoted on your site, and with well-designed graphics and layout if it's something you're printing. As a company, your goal should be to offer valuable information to your potential customers, and we'll do whatever it takes to facilitate this. ANALYTICS AND REPORTING We use modern SEO tools and website monitoring software to track the efficiency of our efforts. We track keywords, links, visits, behavior, errors and more, and will report to you regularly with what we are doing and how your site is performing. We can either set up daily reports or provide a monthly overview (or both) as required. We believe in openness and will make sure that you partner with us - you may have insight that we have overlooked when it comes to your business! TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH Of course, we wouldn't be able to call ourselves SEO experts if we didn't stay on top of the latest industry updates, trends and technology. We make sure we're on top of what's going on in the online world, and apply anything new or useful to our efforts with you. Often, you'll see companies offering services (like link building, meta tags, etc) that really don't apply these days. This is because they simply didn't keep on top of the news, trends and updates. By partnering with us, you have a full-fledged SEO research team as well! OPEN COMMUNICATION Most importantly, we pride ourselves in the relationships we have with our clients. We are local to the india and don't outsource any of our work. We're available by phone and email, and often in person, to make sure that we're addressing your needs as often as need be. We never hide what we do for you, and we'll be honest and do our best to offer sound advice to help your business efforts. When you partner with us, you hear from us very regularly, and never have a question as to what we're doing for you. We look at all of our clients as long-term partners, not just the next paycheck, and we'll do everything to make sure that we work well together for the long-haul - great SEO is a long process that can take quite some time to get to the top. PARTNER WITH CREATIVE CALIFORNIA You may be a customer, but we'd prefer to think of you as a business partner. Our goal is to see your business grow and thrive online, and our focus is on lead generation and return-on-investment. We've been known to turn down money from prospective clients, when we it was clear to us that the money could be better spent elsewhere. We can guarantee that when you work with us, our best interest isn't in your money, but in your success. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss your online marketing, and feel free to request a free SEO analysis to get an idea of where your site stands, and what can be done to make it work better for you. "Troika" is the word for you! Watch your website grow with us; notice it on the top results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all others... So the solution is - Outsource your SEO requirements to a professional company in India. "Troika" is an established SEO company providing top notch SEO services across the globe, employees in its Troika team. We have been offering proficient SEO services backed by complacent results for more than six years now. Our tech savvy and creative professionals have the knack of creating and implementing, innovative strategic solutions for meeting disparate needs of various clients. Keeping all the sales gimmicks at bay, we concentrate on the real purpose of your business and craft solutions to increase your sales and generate more revenue.

Best SEO Company in Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra

The team of expert and skilled SEO professionals is known for providing the best SEO services as per the clients’ requirements. They understand your requirements and implement suitable SEO tactics to help your business reach the top. Making use of the latest tools and technologies, they help you achieve your business goals easily.


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Search engine optimization is a solid Internet marketing investment — if you are working with an experienced, professional SEO firm. Straight North has been delivering top SEO services to clients.

Our effective, expert organic SEO services include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and content marketing — all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business.

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