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Troika Tech is a leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company. Our foray into the Internet marketing world has been an astounding success, and we are rapidly growing. Troika Tech have passion and enthusiasm for our work, and we are unabashed about the fact that we are technology freak.

Every new addition to the internet has to be dissected and analysed to our hearts content, and then we make sure to add it to our arsenal. Troika Tech offer you an assortment of services ranging from Web Designing, SEO, PPC and SMO to Link Building.


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Troika Tech offer excellence to our customers, by optimizing their digital presence to perfection. We are committed to our clients, and adhere to our deadlines. Our team of capable and experienced SEO professionals are fully dedicated to help you attain unprecedented gains in form of; increased targeted traffic, actual conversions and terrific ROI and all this is made available to you at incredibly affordable charges.

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Which is Top SEO Services in Borivali?

Troika Tech has a highly dedicated team of SEO professionals who are focussed to achieve the best results for our clients. Our key to success is our three pronged approach, where in we perform thorough research for each of our client, then analyze their requirement to prepare a plan of action and after the final implementation of the plan the results are there for the clients to see and speak for themselves.

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SEO Services is held by Troika Tech  , which is parent company of Troika Tech.

At Troika Tech, YOU come first always. We are dedicated to making you reach the heights of success you envisaged for yourself. In the digital world, competition is increasing at alarming rate, and its becoming more and more difficult to generate relevant traffic for your website. Keeping the fast changing online world in mind, Troika Tech was created.

We are a results-driven and forward-thinking Performance Marketing agency specializing in SEO. As a passionate team, Our consultant provide fully integrated online marketing solutions that can be customized to suit you.


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SEO Services Company in Borivali

Troika Tech has a highly dedicated team of SEO professionals who are focused to achieve the best results for our clients. Our key to success is our three pronged approach, where in we perform thorough research for each of our client, then analyze their requirement to prepare a plan of action and after the final implementation of the plan the results are there for the clients to see and speak for themselves.

Troika Tech offer excellence to our customers, by optimizing their digital presence to perfection. We are committed to our clients, and adhere to our deadlines. Our team of capable and experienced SEO professionals are fully dedicated to help you attain unprecedented gains in form of; increased targeted traffic, actual conversions and terrific ROI and all this is made available to you at incredibly affordable charges.

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Quick tips to get fast ranking in Google – SEO Consultant In India

  1. Add new and relevant content to your site consistently
  2. Include keywords in URL for which you are optimizing
  3. Check for any duplicate content on your site
  4. Include social sharing buttons in your site
  5. Add new content to social bookmarking sites
  6. Include keywords in the title tags
  7. Avoid low-quality link sites
  8. Keep a proper on-page content structure
  9. Write for the readers, not just for search engines
  10. Determine issues in your site by conducting a full site audit.

At Troika Tech, YOU come first always. We are dedicated to making you reach the heights of success you envisaged for yourself. In the digital world, competition is increasing at alarming rate, and its becoming more and more difficult to generate relevant traffic for your website. Keeping the fast changing online world in mind, Troika Tech was created.


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Troika Tech   offers SEO services driven by a strategic approach to ensure that your website appears on the first page of Google Search rankings and also appears prominently among other search engines as per the location of your business. For location-based businesses, our SEO company can help you with Local SEO services.

At Troika Tech, we know how SEO can be strategically done to improve your search engine rankings. Our services are customized as per the needs of start-ups and established companies in Borivali.

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We make SEO simple; Troika Tech  not only looks at delivering the best services but owing to our data-driven SEO approach, our services are quite affordable as well. We are partners in your success and we strive to produce real, organic and sustainable results for all our clients, every single step of the way.


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SEO services are provided by a host of companies but we at Troika Tech  have a comprehensive approach towards our SEO services. A lot of firms find SEO difficult to offer, but we believe it is possible is possible to deliver outstanding results on a regular basis and our clients seem to agree with us as well.


We don’t believe in delivering fake promises and stand by our word as we are so confident in our work and hence can offer performance based SEO services which not only guarantee you higher search engine rankings but also assures you that your business can go on functioning risk-free, month after month.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • Technical SEO Evaluation or Audit
  • Content Development& Marketing
  • Social Engagement
  • Off Page SEO/ Link Building
  • Local SEO Strategies
  • Ecommerce SEO Strategies
  • Google Algorithmic Updates


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Our SEO Company in India – Success Strategy

Personalized SEO strategy for generating Leads

We also offer a white label dashboard report and industry updates for your perusal and a daily/weekly rank tracker so that you can monitor your progress at all times. Additionally, if you ever need clarifications or seek support for any reason, our expert in-house sales support will ensure your questions or any doubts you may have, are answered promptly and efficiently.

We at Troika Tech  believe in promoting your SERP Positioning and what better than our SEO services to help you in your online endeavors. We specialize in delivering expert SEO services which are not only low-cost and affordable but also help you get the website traffic you strive for and ultimately secure the sales your business needs to grow and flourish. We have innumerable clients who have trusted us with their SEO needs and have an astounding track record of delivering success time and time again. Simply put, when you trust us with your SEO needs, we deliver unmatched quality second to none. Your search for an SEO company with cutting edge expertise and top-notch results ends right here with us.

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Troika Tech  is a professional SEO company in Mumbai you were looking for and our skilled and dedicated workforce will be able to do justice to all your SEO related needs. We have worked for companies of all sizes and types and our expertise will help you gain the profitability you need as we work relentlessly to satisfy each and every client of ours. Come contact us today and avail of our world-class facilities and staff.

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We are a full-service digital marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization and website design. We help local businesses get their websites onto the first page of the search engines. Moreover, the websites we build are functional, designed to convert leads and fully optimized for search engines. We develop all of our websites on the user-friendly and search engine friendly WordPress content management platform.

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Online Marketing Company India Troika Tech is held by Troika, which At Troika Tech, YOU come first always. We are dedicated to making you reach the heights of success you envisaged for yourself. In the digital world, competition is increasing at alarming rate, and its becoming more and more difficult to generate relevant traffic for your website. Keeping the fast changing online world in mind, Troika Tech was created. We are a meeting ground of technology and creativity. We believe no problem is too big and no solution too small. Success in web presence is not only a matter of technological expertise but a out of the box thinking as well. Our professionally trained and vastly experienced SEO experts are focussed to make your business reach the next level of performance. We believe in conceptualizing and implementing solution which will make your online presence a name to reckon with. Our capabilities are geared to provide you with the highest quality tailor made solution, which will cater to your specific needs and demands. We believe that ‘You are what you do’ and we aim for perfection. Please feel free to get in touch with us, via the Quick Enquiry Form. We will be delighted to hear from you. Outsource SEO Services If you want to see your company’s web page come up in ranking and at the same time, wish to avoid the hassle of searching for a professional SEO, it would be best for you to outsource SEO services to us. We not only specialize in providing SEO services but also offer a number of added features for the benefit of our clients. If you have been in e-business for a long time then you must already be aware by now that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important for ensuring a regular inflow of traffic to your website so that it keeps getting the required amount of attention from your target customers. Now, there are also opportunities for the companies based outside India to outsource seo to india for a better quality and more cost effective bargain with us. If you are novice in this field then awareness about the basics of SEO is important for heading the right way. SEO or the search engine optimization is the process in which the web pages gain visibility in the search results. SEO always targets various kinds of searches such as local search, academic search, video search and more. It is a very important part of the business strategy of an organization, whether big or small, to have a proper SEO strategy so that they get an enhanced number of visitors to their site. You can be assured that with us you will get the best of SEO services as we have world class infrastructure and facilities that can ensure the desired result within the stipulated period of time. You must always hire SEO companies who are quick in delivering their assignments. In this aspect too, you can expect us to stand good. Our priority is delivering quality work at an affordable rate – that is, without burning a hole in your pocket. You can take advice from your friend, business partner or any reliable person who are well aware of the SEO companies and their functioning. Outsourcing your SEO services to us also has another advantage. We get you in touch with a seo freelancer who will work exclusively for you. Our team also includes those who are new to the profession and can agree to work for you at an affordable rate. At this point you may want to remember that rates beyond an acceptable price may save the cost for you temporarily but in the long run, the overall quality of your webpage will be affected. So, before selecting a particular service provider always try to be aware of the market rates. With us, however, you don’t need to worry about being taken for a ride! We offer you quality services at an affordable rate. Our professionals have sound knowledge about SEO and its intricacies. If you wish you can also study their portfolio before appointing them to work for you. When you decide to outsource seo services, you should always work with such SEO experts who have good analytic abilities. And, this is what you will find when you decide to outsource the services to us. We have the required skill and expertise to analyze a site closely and do extensive research so that appropriate SEO strategies can be chalked out. Why Troika Tech Search engine optimization is a fine balance of art and science. It’s best learnt with experience and years of practice. We at Troika Tech offer you the combination of experience and dynamic thinking; together this creates a valuable combination for the success of your business and website. We completely understand that success of the website is a factor of its page rank on search engine results page. Our aim while undertaking any service for your website is, to show you results in form of increased website traffic and increased sales and revenue to your business. So why partner with us: You are Unique: Flexibility is our norm. We understand that your business is unique and so are its needs. We never work on the strategy of ‘one size fits all’. Our motto is to be flexible and accommodating. We work on each site individually design relevant strategy in accordance with its business area, positioning etc Ethics-led company: We understand that as a client you expect quick results from your investment. We strive our best to meet your expectation whilst remaining within ethical boundaries. Our experts follow only ethical SEO practices, and do not approve of any underhand tacit link cloaking, link farms etc. Sustainable Results: We will not promise you far-fetched results which are mere lure to get your business. No doubt we will give you the best results, but we will do so in realistic time frame and through our hard work and diligence. And our results will be solid and sustainable, which will definitely win your approval

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Google SEO Company Services in Borivali Mumbai

Leading SEO Company Services Packages in Mumbai

We, Troika Tech are a leading SEO Company in India which offers state-of-the-art SEO and design services to your websites to help you score over your competitors and come as top priority in search results. We as a brand name in the domain of SEO Company in India house a team of highly skilled and certified search engine optimization specialists having ISO standards of work performances in providing you with the best of Google ranking. We provide a wide range of search engine promotion services to generate and drive in high numbers of visitor traffic to one’s website. This is an effective way to ensure that your website attains higher rankings on the search engine results.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important part of digital marketing. This service targets promoting the website, services and products on the Internet organically with the help of the targeted keywords. These keywords are found out with the help of extensive keyword research that the Troika Tech SEO expert conducts. Selection of the most competitive keywords is a tough task, and it requires extensive knowledge and experience.

• Rank higher on Google searches
• Direct relevant traffic to your SEO
• Engage your target audience
• Create leads and turn them into sales
• Grow your business

Which is the Top SEO Company in Mumbai?

The main task of search engine optimization is to enhance the visibility of the websites along with the services and products they offer. Usually, search engine optimizer break down this service into two parts, namely On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Both these branches of SEO have their own processes, and they are required to be handled simultaneously. Our digital marketing experts are extremely efficient in both processes, and that guarantees assured benefits to all our clients in Borivali.


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Troika The Best Small Business SEO

We provide a wide range of SEO services according to your requirements. Every Business has different objectives, structures and unique target audience requirements. We analyse your business requirements based on the customer-centric approach and then we formulate the SEO strategies that best suits you. As there is no one- size-fit- all plan for SEO project, our every SEO strategy is different according location, target customer and other variety of factors. We tailor these strategies on the specific needs and the business goals. Our professionals have the core knowledge of the strategies and keep themselves very much updated according to latest technology up gradations so that they deliver only best results which will ultimately increase your ROI and Conversions


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a key role in establishing businesses online. A company can only taste the success when it is recognized by the consumers. Similarly, as a part of digital marketing, SEO optimization is integrated to advertise our client’s business in the World Wide Web and help companies to connect with its consumers crossing all barriers. The SEO experts working at Troika Tech design a marketing strategy by understanding the client business and their marketing objectives. As a recognized SEO company in Bangalore, we know each business and their marketing goals are different, hence we offer customized SEO services that help our esteemed clients to choose the right SEO package that meet their needs.


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Which is the Best SEO Services Company in Mumbai?

“SEO” is the online visibility gained through rankings – from implementing a strong, targeted strategy and using proven methods to drive people to your website. Our SEO solutions include the best foundational best practices that have been proven over our past 20+ year history. Your SEO company should be knowledgeable in regards to Google and their constant updates and changes. Your SEO company or in house team should also be an expert’s within all different aspects of internet marketing: SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Social Media Optimization, Mobile Optimization, Site Speed Optimization and advanced seo services in Borivali.

Why choose SEO Services Agency in Borivali Mumbai?

• We thrive on driving success for your brand
• We are experts of research and
• strategy development
• We are at the forefront of creative
• and technical excellence
• We are constantly growing with
• the digital landscape


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Our SEO Services

SEO marketing strategies & services must compliment your budget & business goals. We work with you on website optimization services that deliver guaranteed SEO results, and a cohesive user experience. Finding the right balance of content, keyword research, site organization, backend structure and off-site search engine marketing is key to developing and implementing a successfully Optimized SEO marketing strategy. Having the right SEO Company in your corner is paramount to the success of your website with SEO services. Troika is a globally recognized SEO Company, being awarded the SEO Agency of the Year Finalist for 2016 and Top SEO Agency in Mumbai in 2017.

At Troika, we use our time-tested and thorough local SEO services to improve your small and medium sized business. For local businesses or websites competing in a localized industry, or niche market – Troika can devise a localized SEO optimization strategy to improve your local business rankings. If you need a tune-up on your current SEO optimization strategy, or if you need a national SEO campaign, we can reach your goals. We will carefully research every channel of your business and implement the best SEO optimization strategy for each outlet. Using the SEO services from Troika., gives our clients air-tight search engine optimization marketing services that continue to perform year after year.

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Troika will create all the code, keyword assignments, LSI and all elements of the SEO campaign for your in house team to implement. Troika will test and review everything added by additional testing and auditing of the site to ensure all elements we added correctly.  You must notify Troika or have a production schedule in place so that Troika can test and review when new versions of the site are launched for accuracy and correct placement of SEO for maximum results.

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In the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization there are “broad keywords” that attract browsers and “money keywords” that attract buyers. Discover how to choose the right ones.

Troika is the SEO Agency of the Year finalist voted by Search Engine Land and a Internet Marketing company located in Mumbai  India. Troika has more than 20 years of SEO / PPC specific experience in the digital marketing field. We believe in developing digital marketing campaigns that are built on a foundation of Troika’s proven methodology that get our clients results. Our seo services fills in every piece of the ever changing and complex SEO puzzle, get SEO Optimization that gains marketing traction quickly and establishes your brand in your industry. Our SEO company can get your campaign off the ground, with a long-term proven custom SEO strategy.


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SEO Strategy – Search Engine Optimisation

Troika develops & provides SEO consultant services using our advanced Search Engine Optimization and PPC techniques. If you have your own web development team, either in-house or outsourced, we can still work with you. Troika.’s SEO consulting services can be tailored to any business of any size. As your SEO consultant, we will guide you through best practices, advice and tips for the best search marketing strategy for your site, and equip you & your team with the tools you’ll need to outrank the competition.

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In the list below, you’ll see a variety of concepts that are common knowledge among skilled SEOs. Here’s everything that you should know if you’re going to sell SEO services, in no particular order of importance. A search engine’s goal is to provide the best results for a search query. Their job is to understand the searcher’s intent. Just because a website doesn’t show up for one particular search query or keyword doesn’t mean that an SEO hasn’t done their job. There are lots of reasons why a website won’t show up for a particular keyword. It could be anything from customization (the Troika Tech customize the search results for each user) to the way the keyword phrase or search query is worded. An SEO’s primary job should be to get more relevant traffic via organic search to the website. Good SEOs get more traffic – great SEOs understand a client’s business and get more leads or sales for a business. You should understand how Troika Tech work. Google has a great tutorial about how search works. Understand the typical search results page. A search engine’s results have several different types of results that make up a search engine results page (also referred to as SERP or SERPs or “the SERPS”). There’s a big difference between the paid search results (where you pay for positioning) and the organic (also known as “free” or “natural”) search results. For many search queries, Google will show local results, especially when the keyword includes a city name or a location’s name (such as “Colorado Springs hotels”). See the sample search for “Colorado Springs Hotels” below:sample search results pageAs you can see, there are several different “sections” of the search results in Google. To appear in each of these sections, they all require a different marketing strategy. The paid search ads are, well, paid. Advertisers need a daily and/or monthly budget to pay for these listings (ads), which generally appear above and below the organic listings. It’s a pay-to-play marketing strategy. Several factors determine which ads are shown. Consider working or partnering with a consultant or agency that specializes in paid search to help manage your clients’ paid listings. The local maps listings are generally based on location (a view of the map won’t show a New York City hotel if you’re viewing a map of Colorado Springs, Colorado). In many cities, the local maps listings are competitive, and there are a lot of factors that come into play, such as reviews, the number of times the local business’ name, address, phone number (referred to NAP) appear on other websites (called citations). The organic results typically are shown below the paid ads and oftentimes below the local results or maps listings. That’s what SEOs specialize in. SEO typically is a lot of work. It isn’t something that is just done overnight (or even in a week or a few weeks). It’s an overall strategy that takes time. Because of this, the client should understand that some competitive niches (or topics/industries) could take years to get good organic visibility. It’s important to understand that SEO generally revolves around good, unique content that’s created and posted on a client’s website. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s (before Google came along), SEO was all about choosing a keyword list, putting those keywords on your website, and optimizing a web page for each keyword. It was all about on-page and on-site search engine ranking factors. When Google came along, their major innovation was to factor in how websites link to each other. They made it a popularity contest. The more links you had from other websites, the better you ranked in the search results. Google made links the currency of the web: so much so that SEOs manipulated links, bought and sold links, which still goes on today. In the past few years, link manipulation by SEOs has become a big problem for Google. Therefore, they started cracking down on buying and selling links, and anything that SEOs (and website owners) do to manipulate their search engine results. This meant that a lot of websites got penalized or saw their rankings and traffic to their websites via organic search drop virtually overnight due to algorithmic changes. Google has specific guidelines called the Google Webmaster Guidelines that all websites should follow. Using SEO techniques that don’t comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines can result in a penalty, which is when Google takes manual action (or human intervention) on a website. There are generally two times you’ll see big changes in your organic search traffic. Either it’s algorithmic or a penalty (manual action). Google’s algorithms are designed to reward sites that follow the Webmaster Guidelines. Those that use SEO tactics that violate those guidelines (e.g., hiding text, having too much copied content from other websites or web pages, over optimizing web pages, or having too many “low quality” or unnatural inbound links) simply won’t rank as well. This is all determined by complex algorithms designed by Google’s top engineers. Once the issue is changed or fixed, it could be days, weeks, or months before the site “recovers.” Manual actions, for most experienced SEOs, can be easier to diagnose and fix. After a manual action, Google typically sends a message to the website owner telling them about the penalty. A manual action is usually severe – and must be fixed as soon as possible. Manual actions and a lot of other useful information for website owners appear in the Google Search Console. Website owners need to verify their website (prove they’re the site owner) in order to get access to the data about their website. SEOs will need access to the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and access to the website if they’re going to be the ones making updates and optimizing the website. Access to the website’s log files are optional, but can be very helpful for SEOs. It’s useful for SEOs if clients tell them everything they know about their website, any SEO that’s been done in the past, and generally other information about their business, their potential customers, and other marketing activities.

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The team of expert and skilled SEO professionals is known for providing the best SEO services as per the clients’ requirements. They understand your requirements and implement suitable SEO tactics to help your business reach the top. Making use of the latest tools and technologies, they help you achieve your business goals easily.


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WordPress – SEO Services Company in Borivali Mumbai

Search engine optimization is a solid Internet marketing investment — if you are working with an experienced, professional SEO firm. Straight North has been delivering top SEO services to clients.

Our effective, expert organic SEO services include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and content marketing — all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business.

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